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Make Your Own Mattress 


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Make Your Own Mattress 

Written By: Lynne 

/* TOOLS: 

• 2 quart juice pitcher (1) 

• kitchen scale (1) 

• large clear bin (1) 

• small bin (1) 


43 yards of circular woven 100% cotton 
fabric with an overall width of 12 inches 


10 yards of circular woven. 100% cotton 
fabric with an overall width of 8 inches 


160 pounds of buckwheat or millet hulls 

SUMMARY is a resource for all your DIY mattress materials. Here is why I 
started this company: 

A few years ago I needed a new mattress. It was obvious after a few days of mattress 
shopping, the only mattress I would be able to afford was a standard foam mattress, soaked 
with toxic foam and chemicals that most countries have banned the use of already. 

After festering awhile over this injustice, it dawned on me that I could probably make my own 
mattress. Many years and many prototypes later, here I am with a design I am proud to 
share with the world. I have been helping others make their own mattresses since then and I 
now have a small shop where I sell materials. I buy my materials in bulk and put them 
together with E-book instructions to make DIY Mattress Kits. 

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Make Your Own Mattress 

My favorite natural mattress filling is organically grown, fresh (non- roasted) buckwheat and 
millet hulls and I found the perfect 100% cotton fabric with just the right amount of stretch to 
make hulls into a firm and supportive mattress that gently and gradually contours to your 
body through the night, allowing for a very comfortable and sound sleep. 

Hop over to Open Your Eyes Bedding to see the two DIY mattresses I have designed. 

The photos on this step are the Twist Original Kit . This design is meant to be used together 
with a buckwheat hull mattress topper . It is a beautiful design but is a more advanced 
project than the Twist Easy Mattress that I am featuring in this Make Project. 

The main difference between the Twist Original and the Twist Easy design is if you are a 
true DIYer, making a mattress from scratch ( not buying the kit from my shop ), the Twist 
Original requires a larger $ investment in fabric and time. The Twist Original design also 
requires sewing skills. 

On the other hand, the project I am presenting here, The Twist-Easy Mattress is a no 

sew project that does not require any special skills and the fabric is much less of an 

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Make Your Own Mattress 

Step 2 

To make your own Full size 
mattress (that can grow into a King 
size mattress) start with a 43 yard 
continuous roll of circular woven 
(seamless) cotton with an overall 
width of 12 inches. 

Cut seven, 18' - 4" lengths of the 
12 inch wide, cotton fabric. 

Don't forget to give your mattress a quick fluff before you get into bed each night. Your mattress 
will always feel like new. This mattress will never sag or lose its original shape. 

You can use regular fitted sheets with this mattress. To create a pan to catch any broken hulls 
that could (and will) escape the weave of the fabric, simply invert an extra fitted sheet under 
your mattress and then put your regular fitted sheet on the regular way. 

If you have been sleeping on a softer, foam mattress for a long time, this mattress may be an 
adjustment. Once you are used to the difference you may have a hard time sleeping anywhere 
else. Shift your hips, shoulders and legs to allow your body sink slightly 

into the hulls. You will find using a thinner pillow will be more comfortable on a hull filled 

You will want to protect your mattress from sharp objects or jewelry that may accidentally catch 
and pull the fabric. If you ever get a small hole, it will repair very easily with a few hand stitches 
or simply order additional fabric. 

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